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Extended version 2

Extended version 2

Version 2 The extended version 2

New: With KNX/EIB for the building automation. It is used by the same license already supporting BACnet.

The main goal of the version two is adding some big core functionalities and eliminating limitations which had been collected over the time.

  • Complete redesign for better stability and modularity. Element and list length limitations has been eliminated.
  • Connections now can be grouped.
  • All names as connection names, group names, names of status tables and more can be now of any length. This is important for many Asian languages.
  • More accurate meters for the workload are added. A lot of the new meters are for OPC connections.
  • OPC UA internal variables - often used in Euromap, PackML and other companion specs - are easier to use. They are offered in the standard browsing tree.
  • For plants runnimg multiple years without interruption a OPC UA rule for self signed certificates is added. Two days before the time limit of the certificate a new certificate is created. It will be used for new opened connections. Depending on the settings in the client that uses these OPC UA connections, the new certificate must be accepted by the server.
  • A logic table cann contain up to 1000 logic elements. The limitation to 64K has gone.
  • The single connection online status dialog is containing more diagnostics information.
  • The variables selection dialog now offers a separate color for OPC UA internal variables.
  • Imported structures from industrial controllers now can be used global mor all connections in that group. If multiple controllers are containing the exactely same structure this simplifies the management.
  • Revised wizards for easier operation. More wizards are existing.
  • The OPC DA server functionality now are contained in the De Luxe license models. Other license models will require the OPC DA addon.
  • OPC UA Alarm and Event new.
  • More logic table elements are added for the Alarm and Event functionality.
  • Bool elements in structuresnow depending on the partner will be offered in multiple formats. Depending on the client one bool type is working or another.
Overwiew to the products

Version 2 download

Without a license all communication will work for three days after each start.