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With JavaScript extendable WizardScript for PLC Engine Collect logic tables

WizardScript for more complex logic tables

In the Tani configuration various wizards are available for the logic tables. You can do many standard tasks with them.
This is not always sufficient for larger tasks. The WizardScript extensible wizard closes this gap.

How it works

WizardScript loads a JavaScript file on startup. The following JavaScript files are included in the scope of delivery:

In the second step, the decision is made whether to work directly online with PLC Engine Collect, or whether to create the logic offline.
Finally the storage location of the results is specified.

Now the actual wizard is started. With this you select the PLC elements. Since there are often many elements, many options are offered for the selection of the elements in online operation. For example, the "Regular Expressions" are used. In addition, you can insert all variables of a list, recursively if necessary. And of course you can add single or multiple variables with one click.

Depending on online or offline, the result is the logic table directly in the device or as a file. In addition, further information is written to files.

This is what you need if you want to extend WizardScript

WizardScript is basing on JavaScript. Basic knowledge about JavaScript is usually available because many websites and some web servers also use it. You can use all generally available JavaScript statements.
The instructions that you can use for the logic tables are contained in the documentation.js sample file.

Basis for the JavaScript used

The JavaScript of the Qt library is used. This is also called QtScript or QML.