Install Tani Software


Under Windows all software comes with an installer which is an executable program. You can start it directly.
If You update an installed Tani product it will uninstall the previous version automatically and replaces it with the actual one.
All user configuration setting will be preserved.

A reboot will be requested in these conditions:

A hint: If You uninstall the software separately and try installing them again it will request a reboot always.
Optionally you can ignore the reboot request. This is always at your own risk. Possibly required files can not be installed. The installed software may not work as expected.
Why a reboot is required after uninstall: The uninstall program can not be deleted by itself because it runs.Windows uses random generated file names in this registry key. So the installer cannot check if the reboot will be required or is optional.

The installation depending on your Windows patch level may start its internal update. This does not relay on software from Tani GmbH. If Windows will request updates it will do so. During the Windows update an internet connection is required. The installation process will need additional time until the update is finished. More information is available in the Windows Update.

For special envoronments it can be necessary running the OPC server or the PLC Engine not as a Windows service. We have a special documentation doing this.



Linux requires the executable bit set in the installer.
Please set the execute bit.
In a command line enter: chmod u+x <installation file>

As security Linux does not start a program in the current directory. You need give an additional path. The actual path fixes this.
Example: ./<installation file>

If You are using a graphical frontend as KDE it is easier using a file manager like Krusader. You can start the install scripts directly, Krusader does the necessary  things for You.

The configuration uses QT5 and Frameworks5 (KDE). Required is QT 5.6 or newer.

Other dependencies:

To install them, use the commands on the command line:

Raspberry, Odroid and compatible embedded devices

The web configuration bases on the Lighttpd Web Server. As standard it will not be installed.
Install it with
sudo apt-get install lighttpd
The software works without this web server, too. Use the configuration software for Linux or Windows on Your PC.

W&T pure.box3 and pure.box5

The is using a text based installer.
Put the installer to the device using ftp.
Start a ssh connection to the device.
Set the installer executable with "chmod u+x [filename]".
Execute it with "./[filename]".
After installation the software must be set started by the environment from W&T.
Select the file "userfiles/programs/plcengine/".
Press on the edit button on the left. Press "Create options". Check the "At system startup" and "Program".

Phytec Regor

The Phytec devices are using a text based installer.
Put the installer to the device using ftp.
Start a ssh connection to the device.
Set the installer executable with "chmod u+x [filename]".
Execute it with "./[filename]".

For the Regor devices a special software exists. It allows overlapping networks.
This is important on two networks which are using the same subnets.
This software is designed to security.
It removes all users and services which Phytec ships on the standard software for this devices.
Fort the protection against unauthorized installation (ald the denied access th the system) a command line parameter is needed.
./DeviceSetupRegorInstaller-[Version]-arm -fwinstall
./DeviceSetupPlusRegorInstaller-[Version]-arm -fwinstall

Later a firmware update can be done with the graphical configuration software.
The change from a firmware without and with the integrated web server can be done with the command line only.


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