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Software for web access

Software for web access

PLC and OPC access for your web application

You are a supplier of web based solutions which need connect to production plants ?
Your product needs data from industrial controllers, sensors, databases and more ?

Typical applications are web based visualisations and programs for smartphones and tablets.

Tani offers ready to use software for accessing data from your production process. It is basing on the well known standard JSON. Your application requests data from the production plant, the answer is containing the data.
For allowing your end user customizing yur application Tani offers browse functions also. It returns all variables, variable comments and the data type for each floor.


This examples are using html5 for the site and svg for the graphics. They are showing the usage in a simply way.

Read a number from an industrial controller and displays it as a graphical bar and as a text number
Bar Value 10%
HTML code for this example (without any error handling)

Writing of data into an industrial controller
HTML code for this example (without any error handling)

Fragment of browsing variables, This will be needed for selecting the variable of your end customers PLC.
HTML code for this example (without any error handling)

Server code for all of this examples
Node.js-Code (as express modul)

Download: All examples (with error handling) are available in the download.

API to your application

Your web server uses a socket for the communication to the process data. All data exchanged are in the JSON format. The requests are working syncronous or asynchronously. A sequence number allows the coordination if asynchronous requests are used.

More information

If your application can not use the controllers data directly - a calculation is needed - then better use PLC Engine Collect instead of the pure OPC server. Inside of PLC Engine Collect you read the data from the controllers. With the logic tables you do the necessary calculations. The final results now are written into the memory variables of PLC Engine Collect. Your web application now is using the calculated memory variables.
PLC Engine Collect so defines a small interface to your process data. You do not need any value calculation in your visualisation software. Your core will be simple and easily to manage.

Supported web server

All web servers which are supporting sockets can be used. For more than 20 years all web servers are knowing the sockets.

If you run your web server on another machine as the opc server or PLC Engine Collect is running - or if the JSON socket server is running on another machine - this is possible also. Sockets are working between multiple computers or virtual machines. So you can use exotic web servers on very special hardware also. Examples are old Windows CE web server implementations which are now offering an interface to modern plants. Another example are special - mostly old - OPC servers which are running on oder Windows as CE. The sockets are enabling the access to the modern world.

Supported operating systems

Under Windows all Intel based versions are supported, embedded versions also. 32 und 64 Bit. The software works as a Windows service, optionally it can run as a application also.

All Linux versions are supported. You can use all processor types Linux is offered. With the increasing proliferation of cheap ARM based built-in computers linux device support becomes more important.
The software works either as a daemon or as an application.

Technical Spezification

The technical specification lies here.