Start Tani PlcEngine as applikation


By default, the Tani OPC Server runs as a service and is also installed as a service.

Some OPC DA servers do not seem to work properly if the client that launches them is running as a service.

To get around this, you can run the Tani OPC Server as an application.

This is not provided by default. Therefore, a lot of manual intervention is required.

Please take the following steps:


1.Open a command prompt, cmd.exe as administrator.
2.enter the following command:
net stop configserver
this will stop the Tani OPC Server, with Plcengine and Logger.
3.Open a Wordpad as an administrator and edit the file
"c:\Program Files\Tani\PlcEngine\ConfigServer.Settings"
Change the following entries in the middle of the file
[Plc Engine]
StartCommand=C:\Windows\system32\sc.exe start PlcEngine
StopCommand=C:\Windows\system32\sc.exe stop PlcEngine
[Plc Engine]
#StartCommand=C:\Windows\system32\sc.exe start PlcEngine
#StopCommand=C:\Windows\system32\sc.exe stop PlcEngine
Thus, the configserver does not start the PlcEngine automatically at startup.
4.then go back to the command prompt and enter the following commands:
cd \Program Files\Tani\PlcEngine
PlcEnginei64 delete
5.Open an explorer and switch to the folder
c:\Program Files\Tani\PlcEngine
then right-click on the program PlcEnginei64.exe and create a shortcut.
There is a message that the shortcut is being created on the desktop, which is OK.
Then go to the properties of the shortcut on the desktop and append a space and -x. It will look like that:
"C:\Program Files\Tani\PlcEngine\PlcEnginei64.exe" -x
6.Now move the link to the startup folder so that the PlcEngine starts when the user logs in. In the folder:
"c:\Users\[User]\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Startup"
Where [User] here is your user name.
7.Next, the Tani OPC server is set so that it does not start under the system account.
start dcomcnfg
go to the tree "Component Services" - "Computer" - "My Computer" - "DCOM Configuration" - "Tani OPC Server"
and select it, then right click - Properties, then right tab "Identity"
Select "This User", then "Browse" and enter your user, then Enter.
the input field is completed by "Server\User"
Then enter your password twice, then enter.
An error message appears that can be ignored.
8.Next, please restart the computer, reboot.
9.Now the Tani OPC server should run as an application.
There is a window open with the name "PlcEnginei64 shortcut" that you should not close.
When you start the configuration, everything should work as before.