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Software Selector

Software Selector

Software selector: Which device needs which software

For the Windows systems this is easliy: Modern Windows 64 bit normally requires 64 bit software. 32 bit software will run also, but it is preferred using 64 bit software on a 64 bit system. The Windows 32 software mostly is needed for Windows XP and computers which are more than 15 years old.

Linux on a PC is easily also. All modern systems are running on 64 bit. All the graphical software is offered for 64 bit only, actual distributions are 64 bit only. They are basing on the Qt5 libraries. Lot of distributions are tested successfully: Ubuntu and Kubuntu, Debian, CentOS, Suse, Arch Linux, Yocto. Other distributions may run but we did not test this.

The core OPC Server and PLC Engine Collect is POSIX compatible. It is available for an Intel PC 32 bit also. The software will run an nearly all Linux versions which has the glibc library and will support threads.

Linux drivers as the OSI/H1 driver need to be compiled individual to a PC. If this is needed please call for this. The same is true for the station search driver which simplifies the creation of new connections specially to Siemens controllers. But all the software runs without this driver installed.


Raspberry PI and compatible

The software for all types of the Raspberry PI and compatibles is the ARM 32 bit version.
Supported are:

Newer devices are driven by ARM 64 processors. An example is the Odroid C2. They need the ARM 64 version of OPC Server and PLC Engine Collect.

Wiesemann & Theis

Tested is the pure.box3 and the pure.box5.
W&t has multiple versions of their operating systems, all are ARM driven. A secific software is required - depending on the W&T core system, the standard ARM 32 does not run. Tani offers some versions for specific W&T versions. The download file name ends with a version number.
An example is ".. pure.box 3 firmware before 1.33"
The firmware update checks the correct version, so you can not accidentially install a wrong software version.


The Phytec Regor boards and the 32 bit arm boards including the test kits are running the ARM 32 bit software.