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Support PLC Engine Collect

Support PLC Engine Collect

Tani PLC Engine Collect

Overview: Oracle database, Big logic, Big logic tables, Dongle, Databases in the network, Chains, Install.

Question: How do i install and configure the Oracle ODBC driver ?
Aswer: A short description of the Oracle ODBC configuration (Windows and Linux) lies here.

Question: Oracle over ODBC does not deliver browsing data ?
Aswer: The Oracle database will need the username and the password from the PLC Engine Collect connection configuration. The ODBC driver configuration does not offer an entry field for the password.
In the database access logic element the schema name can not be browsed, Oracle does not support this. You need entering the username of the connection - in capital letters.

Question: How bigger logics can be uses without loosing the overview ?
Answer: Divide the logic in multiple steps of a sequence chain. Ideally one logic table drives one output only. Multiple simple outputs can be used in parallel and will be connected to the step change element.
The build in sequence chains are extremly fast. So many steps do not change the speed.
Place all members of a sequence chain in one group.
Please do not forget jumping back to the first step on the end of the sequence chain.

Question: Does there exist limits for a single logic table ?
Answer: In realiter no, and it does not affect the speed. The techincal limits are available under technical data.
But it is much easier to handle using more and smaller logic tables.

Question: The dongle will not be recognized ?
Answer: Please check first in the license overview with the dongle list if the dongle is recognized by the PC.
The dongle must be pluged in if the software starts up. Mostly the software starts during power on of the system. It need to be started before a user has logged in. You can restart the Windows service "ConfigServer" or the Linux daemon "ConfigServer". You can restart the pc also.

Question: Can i access databases running on other systems only ?
Answer: PLC Engine Collect is containing a MySql database internally. It can used additionally to databases running on other stations.

Question: How simple sequences can be realized ?
Answer: With sequence chains. At any time one step only is handled. If it will become ready it can be switched to the next step or any other.

Question: How the software can be installed on Linux inside of scripts running without a terminal ?
Answer: Call the installation program with the parameters
<name of the installer> -destination=<destination directory> --i-agree-to-all-licenses --noprompt --noreadme --nooptions
Please check the return value, the installation breaks on any error.