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Industrial grade devices for the PLC Engine Collect and the OPC Server

PLC Engine Collect Device OPC Server Device Hardware for PLC Engine Collect and OPC Server

Tani can deliver the hardware completely with the desired procuct installed: PLC Engine Collect or OPC Server.

The hardware can be ordered also without any Tani software installed. You can order the hardware on its original manufacturer also and install the Tani software by yourself. All necessary pakets and the installation description can be found in the download area.

Phytec Regor
Allows overlapping subnets.
ARM Cortex A8, AM3352, 1 Ghz
Top hat rail SBC
2x Ethernet (10/100)
4x digital I/Os
512 MB flash, 512 MB RAM
microSD card slot
12-24 V
0 °C bis +70 °C non condensed
Revolution PI
With screen connector.
ARM BCM2837, 1,2 GHz, quad core
1 G RAM, 4 G Flash
1 Ethernet (10/100)
2 x USB 2.0 >, 1 x Micro HDMI
10,7-28,8 V
-40° ... +55°C non condensed
Wiesemann & Theis
2 Ethernet
Marvell 88F6820
2 x 100/1000BaseT
4 GB flash, 512 MB RAM
24V .. 48V
0 ... 70°C non condended
Wiesemann & Theis
1 Ethernet
Marvell 88F6180
10/100BaseT, power-over-Ethernet (PoE)
1 GB flash, 128 MB RAM
24V .. 48V
0 ... 70°C non condensed

Order numbers (hardware only, without Tani software)

OPC UA Modeller
OPC UA Modeller