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Support OPC UA Services

Overview: What are UA Extended Services, UA Model.


The UA Extended Services, technically also called \"Companion Specification\" describe data models of certain machine groups. These things are created by the manufacturers of the machines. In doing so, they coordinate among themselves - despite all the competition. The sense is always a generally valid machine model that allows a standardized use for the targeted machines.

A typical example of an extended UA service is Euromap. It is used for machines that process plastics. An example are machines for injection moulding. All injection moulding machines have extruders, often also heating zones. This can be described very well with understandable variable names and standard functions.


Tani is offering an OPC UA Modeler. It can handle any machine model. The mldeler reads the XML files for the respective specification. You will choose the parts of the machine. The modeler will create the final machine model as XML file. The Tani PLC Engine directly can handle the created machine models. But the model can be used in other applications also. The XML files and their details are fully specified.

As alternative you can use OPC UA Modeler from other companies. The need the capability of reading and writing XML files also. Often this is true.