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Visions Zaloguj Się

Visions and the background


Innovative easily usable automation technology is the goal. The products should comply with the standards of facilities. Marketable systems and equipment is intended to be processed, plant personnel should immediately deal with it.

Who wants to keep up with the development permanently step must be one step ahead. To communicate explodes currently too straight.
Industry 4.0 based on communication.

Tani is seen innovative by its customers and partners because here are found deviating from usual ways solutions that bring real competitive advantage. We just specifically to customer requests, whether it is simple or complex solutions. Talk to us!


The founder Werner Krings long time already working in the field of communication in the industry.
He has collected first experiences at Honeywell in the 1980s. Then he has founded the INAT GmbH - he is the technical brain behind the products. After his business partner sold the stake to the Softing AG he founded with some employees the Tani GmbH in 2013.
Tani performs the product lines from INAT for communication in plants continued. OPC UA now is standard, MQTT also. New PLC as the S7 1500 are working, the PLC symbols are visible online. Logic elements simplify EchoCollect.