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Software for devices

Software for devices

PLC or OPC access in your embedded device

You are a supplier of solutions for usage in industrial plants ?
Your solution needs data from industrial controllers (plc) ?
The data possibly need to be accesible from others over OPC ?
Looking for embedded OPC, enbedded PLC or embedded database access ?

Typical applications are cloud connections, OEE data acquisition, modular MES systems and others. All these systems can theoretically reassemble and calculate all required information with many sensors mounted on the machines. That's a lot of work. The PLCs installed in all plants contain a great deal of prepared data. Recalculating these with additional sensors requires at least a lot of duplication of work. For each small adjustment to the system, several systems must be updated. Thus it is often required to use the finished data from the controllers.
Set-up times are significantly shorter and simpler. You can offer your system at a lower price.

Tani offers ready-made software handling the access to industrial controllers, devices, sensors and databases. It offers open interfaces for all systems to which a Linux or a Windows provide. The software is written in C/C++ and is so modular and small that it can be operated from 16 MB RAM and 32 MB Flash. The modularity is realized via several shared objects / DLL. These libraries are loaded dynamically. If a library is missing, the software works error-free, only the functionality provided by the library is not offered. This allows easy adaptation even to very small devices without programming or configuration work.

All Linux versions are supported. You can also use all processor types if a Linux is offered. The software itself is POSIX compatible. The software almost always works as a daemon via systemd or the init scripts, it can also be started as an application.

Under Windows all Intel based versions are supported, Windows Embedded also. 32 and 64 bits. The software works as a Windows service.

Of course, the Tani software works in parallel with your application.


Extensive functions allow access to all data available in a production plant:

Interfaces to your application

The connection with your software can run over several interfaces:


You have access to controllers of the following companies

For databases, you can access This is done via the logic tables of the PLC Engine Collect.
The detailed technical data are here.

These functions are provided by the connection to your system

Configuration of OPC Server or PLC Engine Collect

The configuration is possible in several ways:


Licensing offers several options:

Special connections

If none of the described above connections makes sense for you, please contact us. Together we create a solution for you, then we implement this solution together with you.