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Tani on the Smart Production Solutions (SPS) 2021

Tani on the Smart Production Solutions (SPS) 2021

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The Tani booth is in hall 5, boot 5.0-242.

Do you need an entry voucher? Request it here.

Topics at the booth are communication in production plants in general.
A large part of the Tani products serves this purpose. These are:

  • OPC Sever. Connect all types of controllers and devices to your production data collection, control technology, SCADA, and ERP system.
  • Direct communication between controllers, devices and databases. The product family for this is PLC Engine.
  • Do you use higher level services like EuroMAP, TMC, Umati and others ? This is also a case for the PLC Engine.
  • MQTT and OPC. Connect this simply and quickly.

For applications like production overviews, data overviews of the last shift, or even for forensic tasks use the Tani Historian. It saves your data in case of changes or on request. You can then retrieve the data via OPC UA, or you can use the open REST API interface for your own applications..

Do you have applications which require OPC UA ? Tani is offering toolkits for leading programming languages and common operating systems for various hardware platforms.

Do you create or use web based overwiews or software basing on web technology ? Tani is offering multiple services for such applications. This are a web based configuration applet for the Tani products, an open toolkit accessing plant data, and a Rest interface for accessing the Tani historian.

Do you remember the famous gingerbread from the Tani SPS fair replacement in 2020 ? Please ask the Tani staff on the booth for it.

Do you know or use Docker ? This will be used in data centers. Tani products are running fine in Docker containers.