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Products for Networks in Industry

Products for Networks in Industry

Tani networks in industry

Build for Industry 4.0
Tani is hiring: Sales, Develop

Take off. Save energy. Tani OPC for Embedded Systems

Products around OPC, SCADA and PLC - Tani has the simple solution

Using older OPC with DCOM ? And now the DCOM hardening ?
Solve with the Tani OPC tunnel from DCOM to OPC UA and back
Simple, quickly. Handles OPC DA and OPC AE

Industry 4.0 is the present.


New: Simple web SCADA for the OPC UA
New: Simple SCADA in your browser

Now with a historian trend element.

All runs in your browser, also the editor and OPC server configuration.
New: Alarm and Condition
New: BACnet alarms, trend, schedule, calendar

OpcEngine offers all OPC can offer

This is the complete OPC UA alarm system. All variables are offered in the open name space, this brings an easily alarm usage in your SCADA.

Can easily expanded with the PLC Engine logic tables.
New: Historian
New: Historian

Stores long term data on files or into memory.

The base for trend curves, OEE and more.

In OPC UA now the history functions are supported.

Product Highlights

Plant data for your web application
Simple, open, fast.

Works with JSON requests over sockets.

For all web servers.

With element browsing.
PLC Engine Collect
PLC Engine Collect
the swiss knife, collects
data, processes them, handles databases, PLC and files.

Graphical configuration, lot of wizards and diagnostics.
OPC Server
OPC Server
"All in One" for popular controllers.

Siemens, Wago, Rockwell, Mitsubishi and more.

OPC UA and Classic OPC.

For Windows, Linux, Raspberry and others.

More and more devices in industry require data from a running plant. This is important e.g. for dispatchers sending data into a cloud.
Tani offers OPC server, database access, data collection and calculation and PLC access for your system or device also. If you are a supplier and need access to industrial controllers, sensors and other devices Tani is open for your requests. We would be happy to tell you how a connection can be technically implemented via the effort involved.

We are member in the following organizations

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