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Products for Networks in Industry

Tani networks in industry

Build for Industry 4.0

The name Tani stands for communication in the industrial factory floor.

The focus are communication products.

This is important for Industrie 4.0 applications. Across data sensors and equipment are exchanging data. The control level will be supplied with information, too.

Modern plants are basing on communication.


OPC UA supports file functions

PLC Engine is using OPC UA files as an option for all things needing a file. An example is logging into a .csv file.
You can use your OPC client (SCADA or your panels) also for reading and writing files.
With the secure and encrypted OPC UA this is suitable fir file actualisations of any kind.

Siemens S7 1500 and S7 1200 with online browsing and optimized data blocks
All Tani products for Siemens now handles the TIA created "Optimized Data Blocks".
All symbols and symbol comments are read online because the S7 1500 and S7 1200 contains as the first Siemens PLC all comments and symbols. So no annoying symbol imports are needed anymore. Simple browsing online is enough. All symbols and comments are accurate always.
All other is convenient and simple as before: All data types, the new from the 1500 also. Status information as the PLC name or its status and more information is reachable with OPC.
Elemental all languages are supported - important for plants in Asia.

Product Highlights

PLC Engine
PLC Engine collects data and processes them.
Siemens, Wago, Rockwell and more. OPC UA and OPC Classic
Windows, Linux, Raspberry and more.
Comfortable, powerful, potent logic functions.
Graphical configuration, lot of wizards and diagnostics.
PLC Engine contains the "All in One" OPC server.
Tani OPC Server Redundancy
OPC Server Redundancy - no necessary action in the OPC client.
More security. Simple to configure.
Independent detection and fixing of interruptions.
Switch master / slave optional by hand.
Tani OPC Server
OPC Server "All in One" for popular controllers.
Rockwell, Siemens, Schneider and more.
OPC UA, Classic OPC and OpcPipe.
Windows, Linux, Raspberry and more.
Fast, easy, many diagnoses.
Tani NetDiag NetDiag Network Field bus Monitoring.

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