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PLC Engine - Collect Data, Database and direct PLC to PLC Communication

PLC Engine

PLC Engine connects programable controllers, supervisory control systems and devices among themselves and with the automation world. It connects controllers and databases, too. Likewise it works as OPC server and OPC client to SCADA Systems.
With BACnet it openes controllers and databases to the building automation. Take Your tablet or smartphone for a fast view oy Your plant.
Over Ethernet it offers access to the controllers from the companies Siemens, Rockwell Automation, Wago, Modicon, Schneider Electric and others.
OPC UA and MQTT opens the Industrie 4.0 and IoT world.
PLC Engine is simply to configure. Wizards are offering frequently needed predefined functions.

At a Glance

The PLC Engine allows data processing in production lines. It connects controllers, devices, SCADA systems and databases from various manufacturers. It processes the data and dispatches them between the connected devices and other systems. It collects data, manages them and creates overviews for OEE applications.
Additional all the data can be handled over OPC. This are processed data and all data from the connected controllers, devices, OPC systems and databases.

PLC Engine is the perfect component for using it for communications in Industrie 4.0.

You will implement important use cases with PLC Engine
Optimize PLC Communication
Boosts the PLC communication with logical optimizing of the requests. Often this will happen to error texts from the controllers. The messages need to be fetched normally if the corresponding error number is changing and a new error condition becomes true. Without any change to Your SCADA system the communication speeds up. The main reason is less load on the communication line.
Copy PLC Data
Exchanges data between controllers and devices without PLC programming or SCADA functionality. That's how it's done: PLC Engine is reading the data from a controller or device and writes them into another controller or device. The writing normally takes place if the data are changing. With configurable triggers data which are depending on other data conditions for the writing can be defined. The data will converted if necessary. This is important if both controllers are different: One Siemens S7, the other a Rockwell Control Logix.
More complex handling is possible, too: Collecting of data from one or multiple controllers, do some calculation with the data, and write the result to a controller or device. Of course, any OPC compatible system can use the same data also.
Collect Data
Collects and processes data
PLC Engine is reading data from one or more controllers.
The data are collected and possibly calculated or normalized.
If all data are in place they are ready to process for other systems or OPC access.
During the logical processing the data are blocked for access.
Syncronous data access are waiting until the collection is finished.
Configurable error conditions are configurable: If one of the controllers is not available constant data are used, or an error number is processed.
PLC to Database
Exchanges data with common databases. You can read data from controllers and write them directly into common databases - with optional calculations. Data readed from databases can be written into controllers, too. All the data are available for OPC systems also.
Overall Equipement Effectiveness
Collects data over long time for OEE into a local or external database. So easily OEE applications can be build. The integrated websites are offering the collected and calculated data directly as curves or other. Additionally the data can be handled over OPC.


With logic tables you define all the things your plant will need:

Online diagnostics for shortening the configuration time


The configuration works in graphical style or with simple lists.

Lot of Wizards simplify this.

The example logs from barcode reader, adds a timestamp and writes both into a .csv file.

Logging to CSV file

This example reads a barcode, gets the print data from a database and prints the result.

Read database with a barcode, add print data and send them to the printer

Diagnostics boost the startup in plants. Use Your smartphone or tablet and all of the status displays.

Online diagnostics of logging to CSV file

The diagnostics logger handles longer running information collecting.

Diagnostics logger

All this is available as a small device for cabinets. The functionality is the same as PLC Engine on PC. Additional it can be configured with a browser. Your tablet or smartphone can be used for maintenance and diagnostics.

Application field

PLC Engine is made for heterogeneous networks with different controllers and devices from lot of different vendors.

controller types
and devices
  • Siemens S7 1200 and 1500 family. The optimized data blocks are supported, all symbols and comments are browsed online.
  • Siemens S7 over RFC1006 and Sinec H1. Supported are S7 200, 300 and 400, Logo 8. Siemens CP or the Ethernet interface onboard the CPU can be used. Mainstream MPI Gateways as Hilscher Netlink, Helmholz Netlink, IBH Softec Netlink, INAT Echolink, Process Informatik S7Lan or Softing Netlink are supported, too. S7 compatible systems as VIPA Speed7 can be used, too.
  • Siemens S5 over RFC1006, PLC Header, RAW or Sinec H1. Supported are Siemens CPs, INAT CPs, Helmholz CPs, IBH Softec S5Net, Process Informatik S5Lan.
  • Rockwell Compact Logix and Control Logix, all firmware versions. Rockwell Micro 8 series as the 800, 810.
  • Mitsubishi Melsec Q family.
  • BACnet devices. BACnet is common used in building automation
  • Devices using the Modbus TCP protocol.
    • Modicon
    • Schneider
    • Wago
    • Beckhoff
    • Phoenix Contact
    • Omron
    • B&R
    • Fanuc
    • ABB
  • All systems and devices which can be accessed with OPC UA or Classic OPC.
  • Raw data.
Communicates via Ethernet.
OPC interfaces
  • OPC Pipe Open interface
  • OPC UA (Unified Architecture)
  • OPC DA (Classic OPC over DCOM, available under Windows only)
MQTT interface
  • MQTT Client if a station need to be a device
  • MQTT Broker, the server
  • My SQL (from version 1.9 not under Windows XP)
  • PostGre Sql (not for Windows XP)
  • Microsoft SQL
  • Sybase SQL Server, Sybase ASE, SAP ASE (Adaptive Server Enterprise)
  • ODBC
  • Oracle can be used with ODBC
PLC Engine is a full fledged database client.
operation systems
  • Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10 (all versions). Older versions as XP and Vista also. 64 and 32 bit.
  • Windows Server 2008, 2012, 2016 and 2018.
  • Linux on the Raspberry and Odroid computers (64 and 32 bit).
  • Linux on many Phytec devices.
  • Linux on the Wiesemann & Theis 3, 5.
  • Linux on a PC with Debian, Ubuntu, Suse, Arch, Centos, Redhat and other Distributions.
  • Linux 64 Bit as Docker or Kubernetes Container.

PLC protocols supported by Tani PLC Engine

BasisSiemensRockwellMitsubishiBACnetDe LuxeDe Luxe H1

Siemens S7
Siemens S5




Send / Receive
DCOM Tunnel

Order Numbers

PLC Engine Standard Siemens, 50 connections, 10000 items, 100 logic tables104-0011-01
PLC Engine Standard Rockwell, 50 connections, 10000 items, 100 logic tables104-0021-01
PLC Engine Standard Mitsubishi, 50 connections, 10000 items, 100 logic tables104-0051-01
PLC Engine Standard Basis, 50 connections, 10000 items, 100 logic tables104-0001-01
PLC Engine De Luxe, 50 connections, 10000 items, 100 logic tables104-0031-01
PLC Engine De Luxe + OSI/H1, 100 connections, 100000 items, 1000 logic tables104-0041-01
PLC Engine Minimum Siemens, 2 connections, 1000 items, 10 logic tables104-0111-01
PLC Engine Minimum Rockwell, 2 connections, 1000 items, 10 logic tables104-0121-01
PLC Engine Minimum Basis, 2 connections, 1000 items, 10 logic tables104-0101-01
PLC Engine Minimum Siemens plus database access, 2 plc connections, 1000 items, 10 logic tables, 4 database connections104-0211-01
PLC Engine Minimum Rockwell plus database access, 2 plc connections, 1000 items, 10 logic tables, 4 database connections104-0221-01
PLC Engine Minimum Basis plus database access, 2 plc connections, 1000 items, 10 logic tables, 4 database connections104-0201-01
PLC Engine Small interconnection, 5 connections, 3000 items, 25 logic tables104-0431-01
PLC Engine Small Siemens plus database access, 5 plc connections, 3000 items, 25 logic tables, 4 database connections104-0311-01
PLC Engine Small Rockwell plus database access, 5 plc connections, 3000 items, 25 logic tables, 4 database connections104-0321-01
PLC Engine Small Mitsubishi plus database access, 20 plc connections, 3000 items, 25 logic tables, 4 database connections104-0351-01
PLC Engine Small Basis plus database access, 20 plc connections, 3000 items, 25 logic tables, 4 database connections104-0301-01
Expands Standard OPC Server or Standard PLC Engine with controller Redundancy100-0001-01
Expands Standard OPC Server or Standard PLC Engine to 1000 connections100-0001-02
Expands Standard OPC Server or Standard PLC Engine to 100 000 (hundred thousand) items101-0001-06
Expands Standard OPC Server or Standard PLC Engine to 200 connections and 1 000 000 (one million) items101-0001-02
Expands standard OPC Server or standard PLC Engine with OPC DA client100-0001-03
Expands Standard OPC Server or Standard PLC Engine to BACnet IP Access100-0001-04
Expands Standard OPC Server or Standard PLC Engine to create variables dynamic101-0001-04
Expands Standard PLC Engine database access to 20 database connections104-0001-06
Expands Standard PLC Engine to 10000 logic tables104-0001-05
Expands Standard PLC Engine to access 4 database connections MySql, MS-SQL, Postgres, ODBC104-0001-02
Expands Standard OPC Server or Standard PLC Engine to read PLC program code101-0001-03

Software protection with dongle

PLC Engine download

Without a license all PLC Engine will work for three days after each start.