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Support OPC-Server

Support OPC Server

Tani Opc Server

Overview: optimize OPC, OPC with Wonderware, PLC program content changes, OPC Classic over OPC UA, OPC Tunnel, OPC and Excel OPC to S7 200.

Question: If the plant reacts too slowly, how can i speed it up ?
Answer: Often the reason are a lot of long fields or error texts or recepture fields. This things are needed in the SCADA software only if the error or field condition changes. Normally this is true if the error index is changing. The SCADA software is registering the ling text for changing, a standard OPC server polls the long data for changes. Registering the data after the condition is changing will be too slowly also. This results in a heavily network load.
The solution for this: Define under "tables" "Wizard long data" a new optimizing. Call it "Error texts". Select the error index in group 1. In group 2 choose the long error text. The alias name which redirects the existing OPC item to the optimized element is created automatically.

Question: How Wonderware InTouch can use OPC ?
Answer: Please use this documentation. It can be found in the download area and in the manuals also.

Question: How the OPC server recognizes program changes in Rockwell CompactLogix and ControlLogix ?
Answer: The OPC Server checks each ten seconds for changes in the controller. If a change is detected it reorganizes internally all necessary things. But it is preferred not to write into the controller if the controller data elements are changed frequently. Reading data is secure always.

Question: Is there a way reaching OPC UA only devices with an OPC DA client ?
Answer: Yes. Please create in the Tani OPC server a connection to Your OPC UA device. In Your OPC DA client You will reach Your device normal with browsing: Tani OPC server, next is the connection to Your device. The rest works as normal as in other browsing.

Question: How i can tunneling Windows OPC DA over networks without DCOM ?
Answer: With the OPC tunnel which is a build in feature in all Tani OPC servers. The faster OPC protocol for this is OpcPipe, you can use OPC-UA also.

Question: How can i use OPC with Microsoft Excel ?
Answer: Please use this example.

Question: How do i connect to a S7 200 ?
Answer: Please use this example. One data block only extsts, it has the number 1.