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Build for Industry 4.0
You are using databases for your process data ?
You will need quickly a CSV file for exchanging data with other programs like Excel ?
Your plants consist brand new and sometimes very old controller types ?
Your SCADA software will need information from the controllers or the databases ?

With Tani PLC Engine and the integrated OPC Server this is realized quickly.
All will run on the PC and the small and cheap devices. Put them into the cabinets directly.
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Coming soon: Structured data as single element. Important for OEE, MES and other management systems.


Extremly fast and easily access to the Siemens S7 1500 and S7 1200 with online browsing and optimized data blocks
Nothing is so good that it cannot be improved.
Now much faster, optimizes structures also.
The fastest S7 OPC Server.
BACnet in the OPC Server and in the PLC Engine
BACnet openes the building automation for databases and SCADA systems. Drive the air conditioning from your machine.
Postgres and ODBC in the PLC Engine
PLC Engine now for the Postgres SQL database also.

New: Many examples for the logic tables.

Product Highlights

PLC Engine
PLC Engine PLC Engine, the swiss knife, collects data, processes them, handles databases and files.
Graphical configuration, lot of wizards and diagnostics.
OPC Server Redundant
Tani OPC Server Redundant OPC Server Redundancy - no action in the OPC client necessary.
More security. Simply to configure.
OPC Server
Tani OPC Server OPC Server "All in One" for popular controllers.
Siemens, Wago, Rockwell and more.
OPC UA and Classic OPC.
For Windows, Linux, Raspberry and others.

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